The Paterson Visual Artist

Jonathan Sinagub
The photographic language speaks to prior work by Jonathan.

First, The Whitney Portfolio was a set of exercises culminating in a series of shade and shadow charcoal drawings. The shadows became a discernable object with unique qualities and providing a counterpoint to the actual object.

Next were the large Roosevelt Island photographic assemblages, a series of, urban landscapes constructed of multiple images, which convey the unique sense of the place. These composite photographs suggest layers of experience that make up this particular urban scene. The images evoke a particular way of encountering a place, gathering experiences and images, both emotional and photographic, and putting the pieces together to form a fragmented image: a conditional Gestalt.

The small monograph between light and shadow, focused on the shadow as an object in an architectural setting, how it contributes to the character of a place; and, our understanding of time and movement. The images begin to blend representational and non-representational forms.

More recently, the Saltonstall Portfolio consisting of 29 images assembled in nine sets. The series Pandemonium is an invitation to delve into the undiscovered and the unexpected. Pandemonium, to a large expresses the transitory and conditional nature of things, a eulogy of sorts. As the representational and non-representational imagery become tightly knit together, the string of images will read as a visual poem. This is my response to both Paterson, the city, and to the poem Paterson by William Carlos Williams.

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