Paterson Symphony Project

The Paterson Project Artists

A Composer and a Visual Artist Unite to Honor William Carlos William's epic poem Paterson

The Paterson Project for orchestra, piano and images is a collaborative work of two friends with a mutual regard for poet William Carlos Williams and Paterson NJ

Both men had long been fascinated and influenced by William's epic poem, Paterson.

They decided to put their work together as a unit, one as a composer, one as a visual artist.

Frederick Adler, a Californian composer, composed the Paterson Work for Orchestra and Piano while in Granada, Spain.

His love of the poem, Paterson, by William Carlos Williams is intensified by his empathy with Williams as a fellow medical doctor.

As a contemporary classical music composer, Adler responds musically to the poem Paterson in a work for orchestra and piano where the piano takes the role of Dr. Paterson, the man, and the orchestra that of Paterson, the city, following the dichotomy created by Williams in the poem.

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Jonathan Sinagub, a New York based visual artist, photographer and architect had long been fascinated with both the work of William Carlos Williams and Paterson, NJ itself.

He added visual beauty to Fred's Paterson Symphony with a representation in images of Paterson's meanings.

Jonathan's stunning images are featured throughout this website and are intended to be presented in real time during a performance of the music.

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