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News, Events, and Concerts

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Thanks for our video!

Many thanks to Dustin at for all your hard work creating our Kickstarter video!
modern classical Kickstarter campaign
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Upcoming Concerts and Kickstarter

We're launching our Kickstarter campaign soon! The campaign is for upcoming June concerts in Paterson and Montclair, New Jersey, and San Francisco, California in May.

Music will include new chamber music pieces, written by 21st century composer Frederick Adler, including a trio for cello, clarinet and piano, honoring William Carlos Williams poem "Paterson" book 4, "The Run to the Sea" and featuring imagaery by Jonathan Sinagub. There will also be new songs based on William's poetry, premiered by Katherine Sundstrom.
Posted by Paterson Project | November 10, 2016 (2015 review)

Review by Beatdom

"The News from Poems" the Sixth Biennial Conference of the William Carlos Williams Society at William Paterson University ended on a majestic note with a stunning video featuring the music of Frederick Adler, M.D., black and white images by the architect and visual artist Jonathan Sinagub, and the words of William Carlos Williams from his epic poem, "Paterson", in a combined work title "Paterson Project"